Although there are still about six months left for the general elections, everything is not going well in INDIA,

the opposition alliance formed to counter the NDA. The kind of unity that was demonstrated first in patna and

then in Bengaluru, started cracking during the meeting held at Sharad Pawar’s house and now the future signs

are also not looking good. In the last one week alone, two-three such incidents have taken place, due to which

unity has been exposed and the path ahead is beginning to look difficult. The first example is that of Kejriwal.

While addressing election rallies in chhattisgarh and madhya pradesh, he is simultaneously attacking both

bjp and Congress. In chhattisgarh, he said about congress that never trust a party which does not guarantee

itself. Second example, of Nitish Kumar. When Indie Alliance decided to boycott 14 tv anchors and press

reporters asked him questions on this, he said that he had no knowledge of the matter. The third example is the

first rally of the alliance proposed to be held in madhya pradesh in the first week of October, which was

postponed. The voices of congress state in-charge Surjewala and potential Chief Ministerial candidate Kamal

Nath were not matching regarding that rally. One thing is common in these three examples, that is the attitude

of congress, which has become one of imposition instead of cooperation.

Congress's attitude should not sink the boat of unity

After the victory in karnataka elections, congress is very excited and very confident. By the way, if we go

back a little, nitish kumar has worked hardest to create Indi Alliance. For about six months, he roamed

around the country and was busy creating an atmosphere against the bjp and gathering political parties.

Anticipating the attitude of congress, mamata banerjee had advised Nitish to hold the first meeting in Patna.

The reason for this is that being an old Congresswoman, mamta is well aware of what is the working culture

of congress and without a particular family, no decision can be taken there. However, this attempt failed by

the time it reached Bengaluru and congress has taken control of Indi Alliance. The reason behind this is

Congress's own strategy and the political results being in its favour. Encouraged by the victory of first

Himachal and then karnataka, congress is now taking unilateral decisions and has completely entered the

elder brother role minus duties.

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