Reportedly former minister Veeramani has accused that only DMK stickers are being applied to various projects started by AIADMK.

The 115th birthday celebration and Golden Jubilee revival conference of the late former chief minister Perarinjar Anna was held near Gudiyattam Old bus Stand, Vellore District. Former minister KC Veeramani, Suburban district League Secretary Velazhagan, Chief League Speakers Gopikalidas and Chinnaraj attended and delivered a special speech.

When former minister Veeramani speaks, they are giving false news that he made 520 promises in the last assembly election and fulfilled 99.9% of his promises. After making an election promise that 2 crore 25 lakh family card holders will be given a thousand rupees as entitlement amount, nothing has been fulfilled by saying that it will be given on the basis of merit. As the parliamentary elections are coming, they are trying to pay the right amount of one thousand rupees and could not pay it completely. After the election promise to reduce the prices in these three years, the prices are increasing in everything. In the AIADMK regime, it was Rs 1,000 to get a new electricity connection, but now it has been increased to Rs 2,500. This video is Govt. During the AIADMK regime, Vari provided numerous schemes including marriage allowance, gold for thali, laptops for college students. vidya alleged that the DMK government is only doing the work of sticking stickers for the works started in the AIADMK regime.

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