KT Rama Rao, a telangana minister and BRS leader, and Assaduddin Owaisi, the head of AIMIM, expressed their disapproval of the planned delimitation of lok sabha seats on Monday. According to Rama Rao, who cited a report in this regard that showed the number of lok sabha seats being reduced for south indian states while increasing for north indian states, "This delimitation (if the numbers reported are right) will lead to a strong people's movement in the entire Southern India."We are all proud indians and ambassadors for India's top-performing states.

Hope prudence prevails and delhi is listening, he said. If the voices and representation of our people in the nation's highest democratic forum are silenced, we won't stand by and do nothing. According to Owaisi, south india is poised to explode in terms of delimitation. After the first delimitation process, which is scheduled to take place after the first census to be done after 2026, Uttar Pradesh may end up being the greatest benefactor in terms of increases in lok sabha seats.

However, if tamil Nadu continues on its present population growth trajectory, it might lose as many as eight seats, dropping from 32 to 31 lok sabha seats.  Delimitation is the process of redrawing assembly and parliamentary constituency lines in accordance with population density. The main goal of this activity is to guarantee that there are about the same number of voters in each constituency for equitable representation in the parliament and state legislatures.    

Some of India's northern states are experiencing quicker population increase than the southern regions. tamil Nadu, andhra pradesh, telangana, and kerala are anticipated to lose some lok sabha seats following delimitation due to comparably slower population growth. This has upset lawmakers from the southern states who fear they may be penalised for doing responsibly.        

After the delimitation, Uttar Pradesh's parliamentary representation is expected to increase by 11 seats, to 91, from its current 80, while tamil Nadu's representation may decline from 39 to 31, to 31. Together, andhra pradesh and telangana hold 42 seats, which might drop to 34. Kerala's strength could also decline from 20 to 12, losing eight seats, from 20. karnataka is also anticipated to lose two seats, dropping from 28 to 26.  


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