India’s Foreign minister S jaishankar lambasted china and pakistan in the United Nations General Assembly

on tuesday (26 September) without naming them. jaishankar also highlighted the discrimination regarding

vaccine availability in developing countries during the Covid pandemic. He also expressed his views in

gestures on the recent India-Canada dispute. In the United Nations General assembly, External Affairs

Minister S jaishankar hinted at the canada controversy and said that we should not assume that our response to

terrorism, radicalism and violence will be decided according to political convenience. He further targeted

Pakistan and china and said that similarly, respect for territorial integrity and interference in internal affairs

cannot be done selectively.

Gone are the days when some nations...

He said, We should not allow the discrimination done regarding the vaccine to be repeated again. Our

historical responsibilities cannot be shirked through climate action. Food and energy should not be controlled

from the poor to the rich using market power. He said in the UNGA session that the days are gone when some

nations used to set the agenda and expect others to accept their views.

When we aspire to be a leading power...

S jaishankar said in the session of the United Nations General assembly that there are still some countries,

which shape the agenda and want to define the norms. This cannot go on indefinitely. He said that when we

aspire to become a leading power, it is not for self-praise, but to take up greater responsibility and contribute


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