Union minister of State ashwini kumar choubey has targeted the governments of bihar and Jharkhand. He

said that jharkhand and bihar have become dens of loot. Incidents like robbery, murder, massacre are

continuously happening here. The minister has also reacted to the statement given by bihar cm Nitish Kumar

regarding women. He said that the amount of criticism against nitish kumar is less. nitish kumar should resign

without any delay.

Kejriwal government blamed for pollution

Union minister of State ashwini kumar choubey blamed chief minister Arvind Kejriwal's Aam Aadmi Party

government for the increasing pollution in Delhi. He said that ever since the aam aadmi party government was

formed in Delhi, announcements are being made to reduce pollution but it is continuously increasing. He said

that the government of india has provided a machine for burning stubble. But those machines are not being


Union minister of State had also made a big allegation against Lalu Yadav

Let us tell you that Union minister of State ashwini kumar choubey had also made many serious allegations

against former chief minister Lalu Yadav in Banka, bihar two days ago. He had said that we are people who

follow the group and not the caste. Many people of Yaduvanshi community are involved in BJP. Lalu Yadav

has always worked to deceive the Yadavs. He never did justice to the Yadavs. He told the Yadavs that what will

you do after studying, you have to sell milk.

Congress and RJD insulted Ramcharitmanas

Ashwini Kumar Choubey said that congress and RJD have insulted Ramcharitmanas. The deposits of these

candidates are going to be confiscated in the upcoming lok sabha and assembly elections.

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