Accordingly in the state of rajasthan, the election has been postponed only in the Karanpur constituency. Thus, to take power, it needs to win 100 out of the total 200 constituencies. Poll results for five state assembly polls will be released this evening. The poll results for assembly elections in five states namely Madhya Pradesh, rajasthan, Telangana, chhattisgarh and Mizoram are being declared. An exit poll is a poll conducted immediately after the candidates have voted. Exit poll results are considered to be an important tool for assessing public support for political parties and candidates.

There are total 200 constituencies in the state of Rajasthan. There is a tough competition between bjp and congress in this state. In rajasthan, it needs to win 100 constituencies to come to power. Due to the death of the congress candidate from Karanpur constituency, the election was postponed only in that constituency.

Axis india Forecast:

BJP 98-105

Congress 86-106

PSB 1-2

CNX Prediction:

BJP 80-90

Congress 94-104


Jan Ki Baat Prediction:

BJP 100-122

Congress 62-85


Matrix Prediction:

BJP 115-130

Congress 65-75


ETG Prediction:

BJP 108-128

Congress 56-72


Polstrat Prediction:

BJP 100-110

Congress 90-100


Elections to five state assemblies:

Counting of votes will be held on december 3 (Sunday) for all the five assembly elections and the results will be announced. Earlier, polling was conducted in all the five states from november 7 to november 30. elections were held in Mizoram on november 7. assembly elections were held in a single phase on november 17 in Madhya Pradesh, november 25 in rajasthan and november 30 in Telangana. elections in chhattisgarh were held in two phases on november 7 and november 17.

These elections are seen as crucial as they come a few months ahead of the lok sabha elections scheduled for April-May next year.

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