The enforcement department has lodged a complaint with the TGP office against the tamil Nadu Anti-Corruption Bureau.

Ankit Tiwari worked as an officer in the madurai sub-zonal enforcement office. He contacted suresh Babu, a government doctor from Dindigul, on october 29. At that time, Dr. suresh Babu had been booked by the Anti-Corruption and Vigilance Department in a case of amassing assets beyond his income and the case was closed.

However, pointing to the above case which has been closed, Enforcement Department Officer ankit tiwari told doctor suresh Babu that an order has been received from the Prime Minister's office that the Enforcement Department should conduct an investigation in the case and that he should come to madurai Enforcement Department office for investigation on october 30.


Following this, when the government doctor suresh Babu went to madurai, ankit tiwari boarded his car. After that, he negotiated that if no action was taken, he would have to pay Rs.3 crores, and then he would talk to his superiors and finally he would have to pay Rs.51 lakhs. Subsequently, on november 1 last, the government doctor gave him the first installment of Rs.20 lakh. After that, the higher officers also have to give their share, so they should give the full amount of Rs. 51 lakhs as discussed. It seems that he has been threatened continuously through whatsapp and text messages that he will face dire consequences if not.

Due to this, a suspicious government doctor, suresh Babu, filed a complaint with the Dindigul district Corruption Prevention and Monitoring Unit on november 30. A preliminary investigation by the authorities into the complaint revealed that the enforcement officer, ankit tiwari, had misused his authority to extort money from the government employee.

Subsequently, Dindigul district Anti-Corruption and Vigilance Officers, who registered a case against him, arrested ankit tiwari when he received the second installment of Rs 20 lakh bribe. ankit tiwari was caught red-handed when government doctors handed over the money given to them by anti-graft officials. Subsequently, raids were conducted at Ankit Tiwari's house in madurai and Sub-Zonal office of Malacca Department in Post office and documents were seized. Earlier, enforcement officials had objected to the anti-graft probe. After that, ankit tiwari was produced in court and lodged in madurai Central Jail.

In this situation, the enforcement department has filed a complaint against the tamil Nadu Anti-Corruption Department in the office of DGP. The Enforcement Department has written to the DGP of tamil Nadu complaining about the arrest of madurai Zonal Enforcement Officer Ankit Tiwari. The madurai Enforcement Department has stated in the complaint submitted to the DGP of tamil Nadu that the raid conducted by the Anti-Corruption Department in the madurai Enforcement Department office was illegal and a case should be registered against the officials of the Anti-Corruption Department.

In its letter, the enforcement department alleged that 35 people entered the office claiming to be the police without proper permission. It is also alleged that they were carrying top secret documents unrelated to the case.

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