It has almost been decided whose victory and whose defeat will be in the five states. Till the time of writing the

news, bjp seems to be winning around 160 seats in madhya pradesh while congress may have to be content with

around 68 seats only. Amidst all this, this picture is currently gaining a lot of discussion. In which Union Minister

Jyotiraditya Scindia, who joined bjp from congress, and current madhya pradesh Chief minister Shivraj Singh

Chauhan are seen talking to each other. Seeing this picture, many people are making different interpretations,

while Scindia standing in front of Shivraj like this is now being said to be his need.

Why is the picture special?

This picture, which looks very common, is actually very special in political terms. Jyotiraditya Scindia, once

considered a veteran leader of congress, is now a leader of BJP. While at one time he was considered a contender

for the post of Chief minister, political analysts have given a different opinion on his standing in front of Shivraj

Singh Chouhan like this. Rajesh Badal, a senior journalist and who keeps a close eye on the politics of Madhya

Pradesh, said that in the last few days, there have been 6 meetings between the two, which have a lot of meaning

politically. Senior journalist Abhay Dubey said, "The meaning of this picture is that madhya pradesh bjp leaders

are also thinking that there is a possibility that Shivraj Singh Chauhan may be made the CM. In such a situation,

Scindia meeting him like this could also be a part of some political diplomacy.

Journalist Vijay Trivedi says on the picture, narendra modi has a policy of taking everyone along. But the

election has been won by taking everyone together. Along with this, Trivedi also said that bjp has changed the

generation through these elections, which means the party can appoint new faces on the CM's chair.

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