Bima resigns from post of mla, will contest elections…

Bima Bharti, who was mla from Rupauli, Purnia, resigned from the post of MLA. Earlier, she had resigned from the JDU party and joined RJD. Now he has also resigned from the post of MLA. The election commission has accepted his resignation. Now Bima Bharti has entered the fray for the lok sabha elections.

Assembly secretariat issued a notification

Bihar assembly secretariat has also issued a notification regarding this. Now by-election will be held on Rupauli assembly seat because this seat has become vacant after his resignation. At present, Bima Bharti is preparing to contest the lok sabha elections from Purnia on an RJD ticket. There was a lot of uproar in the Grand Alliance regarding giving a ticket to Bima Bharti from Purnia, because congress wanted this seat.

It remains to be seen which party will nominate whom as its candidate for the by-election on Rupauli assembly seat. The seat belonged to JDU, hence the candidate from nda can also be from JDU, but it remains to be seen who the Grand Alliance trusts for this seat. It is expected that elections will be held on this assembly seat along with the lok sabha elections.

The political career of Bima Bharti?

Bima Bharti won the independent election for the first time in the year 2000 from Rupauli, Purnia. In 2005, she contested the assembly elections on RJD ticket and lost. After this, she won the mid-term elections in october 2005 and joined JDU. Since then she was a continuous MLA. She was also a minister in the Nitish cabinet. But this year, to contest the lok sabha elections in 2024, she resigned from JDU and joined RJD and now she is trying hard to become mp from the Purnia seat.

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