Celebrity weddings are renowned for their opulence, from the wedding magazines' designs to the venue, the pre-wedding ceremonies, the reception, attire, jewellery, guests, gifts, and the elaborate dinner. The upcoming wedding of Anant Ambani and radhika Merchant at the Ambani residence is no exception, garnering widespread interest and anticipation.

Recent revelations about the pre-wedding festivities at the Ambani household have sparked discussions about the culinary delights that will be offered to the attending guests. An extravagant spread of 2,500 dishes is set to be served over the three-day celebration, setting a new standard for grandeur.

To curate this elaborate menu, 21 chefs from Indore, Madhya Pradesh, have been enlisted to bring their culinary expertise. The menu is expected to feature a diverse array of cuisines, encompassing Indian, Mexican, Thai, Japanese, Parsi, and more, providing a global gastronomic experience for the attendees.

The colossal menu aims to avoid repetition, ensuring that no dish is served more than once. Reports suggest that the culinary extravaganza will encompass 75 varieties for breakfast, 225 varieties for lunch, and 275 varieties for dinner. Additionally, midnight snacks have been meticulously planned, offering a selection of dishes from 12 midnight to 4 am to cater to the guests' preferences.

The pre-wedding celebrations, spanning three days from march 1, will precede the official wedding ceremony set to take place in July. The nuptials will unite Radhika, the daughter of esteemed businessman Viren Merchant, and Ananth, the youngest son of mukesh and Neeta Ambani, the head of reliance Industries. The Ambani wedding is poised to set new benchmarks in extravagance and hospitality.

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