Ashwin denied Rohit's call to play in Asia Cup finals..!?

Test player Ashwin is included in the indian ODI team after a long time. Will he be included in the indian team for the 2023 World Cup? Not sure yet. However, he is currently participating in the ODI series against the Australian team as a practice. But Ashwin got a call to join the indian team during the Asia Cup. But he denies it. It was because of that that washington sundar went to sri lanka to play in the Asia Cup final. This information has now come to the outside world through tamil Nadu player Dinesh Karthik. The indian team initially selected three spinners namely kuldeep yadav, ravindra Jadeja, and Axar patel in the world cup squad. Axar patel off spinner. He was left out of the squad for the Asia Cup final due to injury. To replace him, the indian team was looking for a player who could score some runs in the batting along with the off-spinner. Then captain rohit sharma and coach Dravid are talking to Ashwin. Ashwin was called into this predicament because they had told him two months earlier that he could get a call for the world cup anytime. Can he make it to the Asia Cup final? have asked. Ashwin has one more test. There is no chance waiting! However, Ashwin declined the offer saying that he was not yet ready. Ashwin told Dravid to include washington sundar in the team as he was playing regularly in local matches. This is what dinesh karthik has said in an interview. After that, washington sundar hurriedly left for sri lanka to participate in the Asia Cup series. But, later in the series against the Australian team, both Ashwin and Sundar's names came up. Even then, while many thought Sundar would be the team's first choice, it was Ashwin who played in the first ODI. Despite Ashwin saying he is not yet ready, skipper rohit sharma has made him play. To that extent, the indian team has faith in Ashwin's experience. If Ashwin performs well in the next two matches of the australia series, he will be guaranteed a place in the world cup squad.

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