Australian Captain faces ban for trying to manipulate the result..!?

The english team, which has entered the field as the current champion of the t20 world cup cricket series, has been forced to leave the series. England's team is placed in the B division. In this, the Australian team has played three matches and won all three and is in first place with six points. As such, scotland is second with 5 points from three matches and two wins. namibia is third with 2 points and england is fourth with one point while oman is fifth with no points. england have two more matches to play. If england wins both of these, they will get five points.
Meanwhile, scotland will play against australia next Sunday. scotland is expected to suffer a huge defeat in this match. In this situation, if the Australian team loses in this match, it will be a big setback for the england team. Not only that, england will be out of the World Cup. Talking about this, australia player Hazel Wood sarcastically said that they were going to send england out after losing against Scotland. This has caused a great controversy at present.ICC says strict action will be taken if australia deliberately loses to scotland to send england out. Australian players have strongly condemned this speech and there is a possibility that australia captain Mitchell Marsh may be banned for three matches in this regard. With this announcement in the ICC, the Australian team is now forced to win.

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