Actress kiran left the 'Bigg Boss 7' house in the first week..!?

The first week of bigg boss 7 is over. Actress kiran rathod was eliminated in the first week. The whole first week episode was interesting with lots of twists and turns. Contestants bid farewell to Kiran. In this episode, more interest was raised in tomorrow's episode. The first week of bigg boss 7 is over. bigg boss gave all the twists and turns in this episode. After getting the power weapon, sandeep was given a big shock, and his personality was tested. Giving freedom of speech first and then giving shocks has increased interest in the show. bigg boss is suddenly shocked that if the power astra is dedicated to someone, its benefits will not apply. Nag congratulated sandeep for dedicating it to his son, saying it was fine, and he didn't change his word. He said that all the uses of power weapons would be as if he made a joke. In the first use of Power Astra, sandeep was confirmed as the first contestant and sandeep was given into the VIP room of the house. At present, he is entitled to all the beds in it. He also acquired immunity for five weeks. After that bigg boss played a fun game and took the game forward.
This week the game begins with one being eliminated. The first eight people who were in nominations were called. Boxes were given to all of them. It has already been said that if there is a skeleton in it, it is not safe, but if it has rose petals, then it is safe. Kiran, Pallavi prashant, Damini, Shobhashri (Safe), Yavar, gautam Krishna, Shakila, and Rathika (Safe) who are in this nomination have become safe. Sobhashree and Rathika are safe. After that, to remove the misunderstandings between the contestants in the bigg boss house, the contestants remembered the 'like, cross' symbols and learned their opinions on the incident of forgetting. It is suggested to share the first experience after entering the house. At first, Rathika says that shivaji will help her in every way. It is a privilege to inform sandeep as a person who should be forgotten. Also, shivaji said that his favorite person is Pallavi Prashant. amar also said that he is a forgetful person. He said he did not like amar Deep nominating him at all.
Pallavi Prashanth said that shivaji supported him in wrestling competitions and gave him courage in the house. He said that he wanted to forget the incident with Shakila. Shakila said that kiran gave her a memorable greeting when she entered the house. Yavar said that he got along well with Kiran. In the game, sandeep says that the moment he remembers is with shakeela and the moment he forgets is with you. He said that he feels Yavar is his best friend. Meanwhile, the remaining six were called for nomination. Pouches were provided to all and scoreboards were given. Damini (81), gautam Krisha (88), Yavar (76), Shakila (85), Kiran (64) and Pallavi Prashanth (93) scored in this. The two who scored highest were declared safe. With this, Pallavi prashant and gautham Krishna became safe. Among the remaining four, Yawar and kiran are in Lost. kiran was eliminated among the two. She is the first contestant from bigg boss 7 to leave the house.
As kiran rathod leaves the house, the contestants are told by the boy. Also, the task of sending sandeep out of the house in the next week's elimination is more interesting.

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