Krishna district police on monday arrested a gang involved in making fake notes. The accused said they learned how to make counterfeit notes by looking at YouTube. 

YouTube has all kinds of videos. If you search for any video you want, the videos related to it will go live in seconds. While some people use YouTube for good things like learning new things, getting to know, learning dishes .. others are using it for bad things. 

Searching for how to make easy money and then getting into trouble. One such incident took place in AP. 

Learned how to make pirated notes on YouTube and is now on the lookout. Casa Nagaraju of Veerabhadrapura in krishna district wanted to get his son and two of them together to make fake notes. 

How should counterfeit notes be made? What kind of equipment is required for it? Learned how to release counterfeit banknotes into the market and convert them into money by watching them on YouTube. 

He started doing that work as expected with the Color Xerox machine, laptops are all assembled machines. Everything was going as planned. But such things do not go unnoticed for many days. 

Those notes were not valid for someone who had consumed the notes that went into the market through them. On lodging a complaint with the police, the gang of conspirators became conspirators. The police arrested the gang and provided details to the media.

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