WhatsApp's feature of instantly disappearing videos and photos will be available on laptops too, have you ever tried it?

 WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature for its desktop app. This feature is already available for mobile users.

WhatsApp Update

WhatsApp has released a new feature for the desktop app. Now you can set any photo or video to 'view once' even from the desktop app. The company had given this feature to mobile users long ago. When users set a photo or video to be viewed once, it automatically gets deleted after viewing once. This feature helps in maintaining privacy. However, people have also broken it down in the form of screenshots. When we checked for this update, we found that it had been received. If you have not received this update, you will receive it in the coming days.

iOS users got this feature

WhatsApp has recently rolled out the email link feature for iOS users. Under this, users can link their email address with their account. The benefit of this will be that apart from the number, users will also be able to log in to their account on the new device through email. Till now only a mobile number was valid for login. In this case, the problem arose when users did not receive OTP on the number on time. To eliminate this problem, the company has rolled out the email link feature. Soon this update will also be available to Android users.

Android beta testers got this update

According to Wabetainfo, a website that keeps an eye on the development of whatsapp, the company will show the user's profile information in chat to Android users. That means, whatever a user has set in his profile, you will see it only when the user is offline. You will be able to switch between last seen and profile information. Like if someone has added whatsapp to the profile? If it is entered then you will see it below the name at the top during chat.

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