Man falls into a volcano? Heartbreaking Video..!

A volcano evokes a feeling of horror, something we have learned about in school. We know that a volcano is a mixture of fire. Some people are even given these volcanoes as a project during their school studies, but so far we have not seen what happens to someone who falls. We would have seen it in a movie or some cartoons, but no one would have tested it, because we would not have done such tests because of the fear of volcanoes. A horrifying video that describes what happens the next moment a man falls into a volcano is going viral on the internet.
Watching that scene gives us a horrifying experience, this is an old video but now it is going viral on the internet. In the video shared on twitter by the Historic Vids account, a 30-kilogram human organic waste incinerator was tested. When the object is thrown into the lava, it sinks as if it were submerged in water, and then the fiery lava can be seen rising up like the waves of the sea. The sight of the lava erupting after dumping organic waste is heart-wrenchingly terrifying.

The video, which is being shared on the website, is going viral with more than 8.7 million views so far. Millions of likes and comments are accumulating for this video which is very attractive to the netizens.

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