There are certain heroines who, no matter what the outcome, love to experiment with fresh material. Taapsee Pannu, a seductress with curly hair, is one of them. She slowly and steadily established herself, and these days, her Spanish remakes are more intriguing.

Taapsee recently appeared in two movies, Dobaaraa, directed by Anurag Kashyap, and Badla, starring amitabh Bachhan. Guess what, the invisible guest and Mirage are both remakes of hugely popular Spanish movies. The audience was once more taken aback the other day when the brilliant hottie unveiled the trailer for the OTT-only movie "Blurr." Some fans say that she is an indian actress and not a Spanish actress and she should stop acting in Spanish remakes.

Many people were surprised by Taapsee's acting skills after seeing the teaser, in which she plays a girl who is on the verge of going completely blind and then proceeds to investigate her sister's death. The fact that this is a remake of the Spanish film "Julia's Eyes" is noteworthy. The same writer, Oriol Paulo, is responsible for these three Spanish films. As it gets ready to air on Zee5 on december 9th, we must wait and see how Taapsee does in this ajay Bahl-directed version.

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