samantha Ruth Prabhu is a well-known actress who is also renowned for her sense of style. The actress frequently grabs attention for presenting herself in a fashionable manner. She is here, nevertheless, because of her diet this time. samantha consumes only plant-based foods, and she gets all of her daily macro- and micronutrient needs from them. The Yashoda actress is committed to living a holistic lifestyle and is passionate about fitness.

We recently acquired Samantha's preferred Thakkali Sadam. The actress makes the cuisine in a unique way by adding a nutritious twist. Therefore, if you're wanting to prepare a nutritious dinner, this dish is a sure bet. Let's begin with the most crucial section, the list of ingredients. You'll need the following to make Samantha-style Thakkali Sadam: Brown rice, chopped tomatoes, jeera, fennel seeds, curry leaves, green chilies, mustard seeds, curry powder from Kashmir, turmeric powder, and chopped coriander leaves.

Jaggery, cashew nuts, coriander powder, garam masala, onion pieces, and ghee. After assembling all the ingredients, begin by soaking the brown rice in water for 30 minutes. Brown rice should be strained and put in a pressure cooker with two and a half cups of water. Remove it from the fire after cooking for 5-7 whistles. Once it has cooled, remove the pressure cooker lid, fluff the rice with a fork, and set it aside.

Heat the ghee in a pan right now. While oil is an alternative, ghee is healthier. Stir in the minced garlic, chopped onion, and green chilli slices. Stir in the remaining spices, such as the mustard seeds and turmeric, then add the chopped tomatoes, coriander, chilli powder, and coriander powder. Cook while stirring constantly until soft. Water should be added. Add the cooked rice, chopped coriander leaves, salt, and fennel seeds after this is done. Finally, add cashew nuts as a garnish and serve hot.

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