On the 24th of this month, Laksh Chadalavada will release gangster gangaraju, his most recent motion picture. Vedieka Dutt portrayed the lead role in the film, which was produced by Sri tirumala tirupati Venkateswara Films and was directed by Eeshaan Suryaah, a debutant.

Today, the creators unveiled a sneak peek video. The sneak peek video depicts the appearance of the true gangster, gangaraju, when two opposing groups engaged in a gang battle, in contrast to the protagonist-focused teaser that unlocked the movie's plot. Former mla srikanth Iyenger tells Bihar-based mobster vennela kishore what prompted him to hide in a movie theatre.

The supporting story is pretty intriguing, and Laksh enters as the third and actual mobster in style. Sai Kartheek's re-recording is a huge contribution to the director Eeshaan Suryaah's captivating narration. The sneak peek video is equally fascinating as the trailer.

The storyline of the film is essentially told in the 4:20 minute long video. Due to a new mobster gangaraju, srikanth Iyenger, an ex-MLA, employs the Bihari thug Bachchan Thakur to get retribution. He tells the tale of his ascent and descent in the process. While gangaraju is to blame for his downfall, his heroics are what turned him into a merciless thug. The new gangster gangaraju is entirely the result of the video. Laksh does a fantastic job as the title character. The team is choosing unusual promotions, which is assisting in the movie's ability to generate sufficient noise.

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