What advantages come from applying oil to the navel?-P2!!!

Simple, routine practices that can have a significant effect on one's general health are the focus of ayurveda. Ayurvedic practices can help with a wide range of problems, from enhancing skin quality to promoting hair development and also relieving digestive problems. Navel oiling is one such traditional technique that helps the body eat.

Mustard oil softens chapped lips

By applying mustard oil on the navel, the problem of chapped lips, cracked heels and dry skin goes away. Along with this, the complexion of the face also increases. Applying mustard oil on the navel gives relief from joint pain. 

Coconut oil to increase fertility

Coconut oil is used in every household. Some apply coconut oil to their hair and some use it in cooking. Applying 3 to 5 drops of coconut oil on the navel which increases fertility in men and women. 

Olive oil relieves joint pain

Applying olive oil on the navel gives relief from joint pain. If you put 3 to 5 drops of olive oil in the navel before going to bed at night, then you will get relief from the pain in the joints, as well as you will get good sleep, due to which the tiredness of the day will go away.

Get soft skin with ghee

Massaging the navel with ghee makes the rough skin soft and supple. ghee has such properties that along with removing the dryness of the skin, it helps in making the skin soft and beautiful.

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