These days, the indian film business is flourishing. These are the times when audiences are most appreciative of original concepts, distinctive stories, and creative scripts. In the indian film business, vikram kumar might be credited as the founder of distinctive yet fascinating cinema. He offered us movies like 13B at a time when the film business was content to happily give mediocrity. He produced a masterpiece like manam and helmed an unconventional movie like 24. Even with its lackluster movie office success, his hello was cool and original.

His credibility was further damaged by movies like gang leader and Thank You, particularly the dil Raju-produced Thank You. vikram kumar directed a movie that he did not write for the first time. It was incredible that someone like vikram kumar would produce such a lackluster movie as Thank You. A director like vikram kumar is in a terrific position to create films with outrageous and original concepts right now. 

Vikram Kumar has the ability to create material that will astound and enthrall viewers like never before. It has been demonstrated that audiences are willing to accept films wholeheartedly if they are made with conviction. However, vikram kumar is not to be found. Yes, he is directing the web series Dootha for Prime Video, starring naga Chaitanya, but we would rather to see more of the vikram kumar we have come to appreciate.

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