Rahul Gandhi, the head of the Congress, was removed from his position as a member of parliament on Friday, which was fiercely denounced by K chandrasekhar Rao, the president of the Bharat Rashtra Samithi and the chief minister of Telangana. rahul Gandhi's exclusion from the parliament, according to KCR, was the pinnacle of narendra Modi's dictatorship and a "black day in the history of indian democracy."

The Modi government, he continued, "is not only misusing constitutional institutions, but also using the highest democratic platform, the parliament, for its nefarious activities. This is highly repugnant." The BRS President asserted that Modi's administration has eclipsed the emergency and that this is a bad period for democracy and constitutional ideals. "Harassing opposition leaders is now commonplace. By removing opposition politicians from office in order to defend cheaters and crooks, Modi is collapsing on his own, the speaker claimed.

He argued that now is not the time for disputes between political parties, and that instead, all Democrats should publicly denounce the wrongdoings of the bjp government in order to protect the nation's democracy and constitutional ideals. He declared, "We must oppose the BJP's evil policies." bjp is facing a lot of heat already after they banned rahul Gandhi.

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