"Many articles about me have been published in various media, including some YouTube channels. You are free to write whatever you want, but I am simply working for the love of film. A lot of obligations have been placed on my shoulders, and I must meet them in order to improve our industry, says renowned producer dil raju in response to the multiple tales that are currently being published about him.

Dil Raju met with the media today to explain what the bandh is genuinely about, along with other producers c kalyan and Daamu. "We've postponed shooting so that we get a chance to personally meet each other and try to bring solutions to the issues that are haunting us," says dil Raju, explaining that issues related to the release gap on OTT platforms, VPF fees, the theatrical revenue system, and issues related to production wastage are currently being discussed by four committees with all the parties involved, set up by film industry heavyweights.

Likewise, Raju made it clear that the "Active Producers Guild" does not function independently; rather, it is a subset of larger organisations like the "Telugu Film Chamber," "Telugu Producers Council," and "Telangana Chamber Of Commerce." dil raju clarified that Active Producers Guild is only a union to help some producers from fixing their minor difficulties by saying, "No matter we debate things in whichever organisation we have, things would be resolved only until telugu Film Chamber accepts it."

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