A teacher named srinivas Sripada (Allari Naresh) is tasked with holding elections in the tribal village of Maredumilli. What occurs when he visits the location? How he recognises and addresses each of their issues individually is the central theme of the film.

Allari naresh, who is well recognised for his comedic parts, has recently changed up his acting style. The same is continued in Itlu Maredumilli Prajaneekaniki. He plays his part seriously and with sincerity throughout. There are hints of his lighter material, but they are only passing allusions given the whole act. naresh -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>allari naresh appears noticeably older in Itlu Maredumilli Prajaneekaniki. It strengthens the personality. The pregnancy sequence emphasises the openness mentioned above, and we see that throughout the film in bits highlighting different issues. For allari naresh, the part was decently written, and he does a good job in it.

Whatever is handed to Anandhi, she handles well. She appears attractive on screen, although her part should have been written better. Anandhi initially appears like a heroine but later blends in with the supporting actor crowd. Given the history of the tribal hamlet, there ought to have been a large number of distinctive yet recognisable supporting characters, but we only see a small number of them here. Among them, sampath and Shritej are important. They do a good job in the roles that they have been given, with Shritej being a welcome surprise. sampath has a pleasant presence thanks to his unique style and behavior.

Other significant artists in the film are Raghubabu, vennela Kishore, and Praveen. As can be expected, vennela kishore performs well, but the comedy created for him lacks originality. praveen is more of a supporting actor than a comedian, but Raghubabu is dependable. The remaining actors are all right, although they are obscured by the audience. When it comes to the background music, sricharan pakala succeeds, but the songs fall short. The mountainous hamlet setting and forest backdrop organically enhance the cinematography. Raam reddy effectively catches them and keeps the appropriate aesthetic. The editing by Chota K prasad is adequate. The conversations of Abburi ravi succeed in part because of the words that come at the end.

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