Ponniyin Selvan, the first installment of legendary director Mani Ratnam's fantasy project, was released a few months ago. It was a box office success in tamil, earning more than 500 crores. Yet in every other language, it was a complete failure. Because it was set in their location, tamil audiences found it to be popular. Yet mani ratnam failed to make it appealing to everyone. As a result, it was a failure in other languages.

If the substance is strong, telugu viewers in particular are renowned for making dubbed movies successful. But, even they were unable to tolerate PS-1's strong tamil flavour. Ponniyin Selvan's second installment is now preparing for release. On april 28, it will premiere on television. In tamil Nadu, it enjoys good pre-release sales. But in the telugu states, the situation is terrible. No distributor or bidder has expressed interest in purchasing the telugu rights.

It appears that dil Raju, who distributed the first installment, has no interest in purchasing the rights to the sequel. According to reports, the movie might not make even 10 crores in pre-release revenue in the telugu states. We may anticipate that this sequel will receive far less attention than its predecessor because telugu audiences are not very interested in it.

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