Rajini refused to act in Simbu's movie..!? Why..!?

The producer has revealed the reason behind actor Rajinikanth's refusal to act in Pathu Thala, a film starring simbu, directed by Obili N Krishna. After a long gap, he directed the film Pathu Thala. It is an adaptation of the kannada blockbuster hit Mufti. In this, simbu plays the role of AGR, a gangster. The film is being prepared based on sand mafia.
Pathu Thala stars priya Bhavani Shankar, gautham Karthik, dj Arunachalam, menon -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>gautham menon along with Simbu. Apart from this, actor Arya's wife Saisha also performed a sexy dance for a song in the film. AR rahman created awesome work for Pathu Thala. On behalf of Studio Green, the film is produced by KE Gnanavel Raja. With only a week left for the film's release, the promotional work for the film is going on in full swing. Accordingly, the producer of the film, Gnanavel Raja, has given various interviews for the film. In an interview given by him, Rajinikanth said that he refused to act in Pathu Thala. They had first decided to remake Mufti, which was released in Kannada. They were planning to cast Rajinikanth in tamil in the role played by kannada superstar shiva Rajkumar in the film. When Rajini was approached about this, he refused to act. Rajini refused to act in the film for the sole reason that it was a remake. Gnanavel raja said that it was after this that simbu was cast in this film.

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