No party will tolerate its members voting for the opposition party, hence the suspension of four ysr congress party MLAs from the party for reportedly supporting telugu desam party candidate Panchumarthi Anuradha in the MLC elections last week was entirely justified. Even though the four suspended MLAs claim they only supported the official YSRC candidates and did not support the tdp, the YSRC leadership has a system in place to identify the bad apples. The party suspended the MLAs after recognising them.

All is well thus far. The YSRC leadership attempted to defend its action on flimsy grounds, claiming that the four MLAs had accepted Rs 15-20 crore apiece from tdp president N chandrababu naidu in exchange for their cross-voting in favour of the opposition party. Sajjala ramakrishna Reddy, general secretary of the ysr congress party and a consultant to the jagan Mohan reddy administration, told reporters that the four MLAs' choice to support the tdp candidate was driven only by financial considerations.

This accusation seems completely absurd because an opposition party would never attempt to buy off MLAs for the ruling party. Furthermore, Sajjala has no manner of supporting his claim. The YSRC leadership forced Jana Sena party MLA rapaka Varaprasad to assert that he had been promised Rs 10 crore by the tdp and that the offer had been communicated to him through a party legislator in order to support his claim.

Naturally, the suspended MLAs responded angrily and are now demanding to know how much money the YSRC spent to get the support of four renegade tdp MLAs and one Jana Sena party MLA.

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