The united states grounded its military fleet of V-22 Osprey aircraft on Wednesday, following a deadly accident last week off the coast of japan that killed eight people on board. "Preliminary investigation information indicates that a potential materiel failure caused the mishap, but the underlying cause of the failure is unknown at this time," said the US air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC).

Eight American service men were aboard the tilt-rotor aircraft when it crashed last week off the coast of Yakushima Island, roughly 1,040 kilometres (650 miles) southwest of Tokyo.

Following the disaster, the V-22 Osprey aircraft's US military unit ceased flight operations. However, the US military stated that other planes will continue to fly following safety inspections.

Tokyo has expressed alarm over the Osprey flights. The aircraft's deployment in japan has been contentious, with critics of the United States' military presence in the country's southwest islands claiming it is prone to mishaps.

"The standdown will provide time and space for a thorough investigation to determine causal factors and recommendations to ensure the air Force CV-22 fleet returns to flight operations," AFSOC stated in a statement. Stay tuned with us for more updates.

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