Praveen Pullata: Complete Analysis with Creditability..!!

-Praveen has made it clear many times that the coalition is the winner.

- 100% success on congress win in karnataka, Telangana.

-Jagan will win with a good majority in Pulivendula. 

The telugu Rise survey has become very viral in these elections and among the popular survey organizations. In karnataka and Telangana, the congress governments came to power with the predictions made by this organization with one hundred percent accuracy. Most importantly, the CEO of this organization, praveen Pulluta, has been providing complete analyses of who will win and who will lose on his Mr. praveen YouTube channel for more than the last year with comprehensive surveys for each constituency. In many surveys, praveen has made it clear many times that the coalition is the winner.

Praveen has successfully worked as a cephalologist for many candidates in Telangana. Now in AP as well, he has worked for many mp and mla candidates who contested on behalf of ycp and this alliance. By collecting thousands of samples in the constituencies of the candidates they have worked with, who will win with confidence? They say who will lose. praveen said that the alliance will come to power in AP and Pavan will win in pithapuram with a majority of over 35,000 votes. He openly says that they are not people who sit in studios and talk. We believe in data, Our credibility is important to us.

Praveen said that the results of gudivada and Gannavaram, which are the hottest seats in AP, were last year. Praveen Pulluta was the first to say that both Vallabhaneni vamsi and nani -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>kodali nani would lose this time. Now, they confirmed that Chandrababu will win with a majority of 30 - 35 thousand in Kuppam. jagan will win with a good majority in Pulivendula. nara lokesh will win with a majority of 25 thousand in Mangalagiri. raghuram Krishnamraju has won in Undi.

Ministers Kottu Satyanarayana, Karumuri Nageswara Rao, Balineni along with Avanti Srinu and Gudivada Amarnath will lose. Another minister Peddireddy Ramachandra Reddy will win. Even now I stand by the same word, Praveen confidently said that both nani and vamsi are definitely losing. praveen keeps saying that they are working hard for credibility in this field. They are not like those who stay today till the elections and leave tomorrow.

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