In the state of Telangana, the politics of migration continues as leaders leave the Rose party, which suffered a loss in the last election, to join the ruling congress party. Seven trs MLAs who were elected under the Rose party have already moved to congress, along with six MLCs. As a result, the Rose Party's strength has decreased from 39 to 31 MLAs. Political analysts suggest that if 19 more MLAs leave the Rose party, the merger of the BRS Legislative party (BRSLP) with congress will be inevitable.

For a merger to happen, 26 MLAs need to join Congress. With 7 MLAs already having switched sides, an additional 19 MLAs are required. cm revanth reddy is focused on bringing these remaining 19 MLAs from the Rose Party. According to recent information, around 7 to 8 MLAs from Greater hyderabad are expected to join congress soon, and revanth reddy aims to reach the target of 19 MLAs within a month.

In the past, former chief minister KCR orchestrated a similar strategy against the congress party by incorporating all Congress-elected MLAs into the Rose party, leaving only six MLAs for Congress. Now, revanth reddy is retaliating in kind, determined to ensure the merger of the Rose party Legislative party into Congress.

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