Looking for Amritpal Singh in 8 states-action taken-P1...

Khalistani extremist Amritpal Singh may not have been caught by the punjab police yet, but the noose is continuously tightening on him. Intelligence agencies have confirmed that till now Amritpal has not crossed the country's border. The possibility of him being hidden in 8 states has been expressed. The police have spread their net in these states. On the other hand, the police have arrested Amritpal's gunman Tejinder Singh alias Gorkha Baba. It is considered a big success of the police. police has also arrested a woman who gave shelter to Amritpal after absconding.

Know here all the action of today in 5 points.

1. Amritpal may be hiding in 8 states

Amritpal, who absconded after the crackdown of punjab police, till now seemed likely to flee to dubai via pakistan or Nepal, but intelligence agencies have given different information. Intelligence agencies have told the punjab police that till now Amritpal has not crossed the country's border. According to police sources, intelligence agencies have told that Amritpal is currently changing locations in punjab, Rajasthan, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, uttarakhand and Jammu and Kashmir.

To be continued in part 2...

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