Ram Navami violence: Tensions in several states-P1...

The country is witnessing communal clashes on the festival of ram Navami, on which the concept of Ram-Rajya was remembered. There has been a fierce ruckus in many cities of the country. After the beginning of violent clashes in West bengal, states like gujarat and maharashtra also came under the grip of riots. Tension was also seen in the capital Delhi. The uproar in these states started with a minor debate but the result turned violent.

It is not that the situation remained tense only in West bengal, gujarat, maharashtra and Delhi. In yogi Raj, a similar scene was seen in Uttar Pradesh as well, just there was no violent clash. A tense situation was also seen in cities like lucknow and Mathura. Let us know where and why violence broke out.

West Bengal: Two cities caught fire in no time

The first wave of violence broke out in the Shibpur area of Howrah, West Bengal. Two communities clashed with each other over a trivial matter. There was stone pelting between the two groups and in no time dozens of shops and vehicles were set on fire by the mob. Tear gas shells had to be fired by the cops. Many people are in police custody. Violence broke out in this area during the procession. Some people are throwing stones from the roof, some miscreants are obstructing the procession. After the stone-pelting, there was an uproar.

Violence broke out in the Dalkhola area of the North Dinajpur district of West bengal itself. This area of Islampur city caught fire. Even the Superintendent of police has been injured in this Muslim-dominated area. Two communities clashed during the Shobha yatra on ram Navami, but by then a young man had lost his life. Many policemen are injured. mamta Banerjee has blamed the violence on the Hindu community.

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