Turkey Earthquake: Risk zone extends to 59% of India's territory...

The body count continues after the 7.8 magnitude earthquake in turkey and Syria. So far the death of more than 5,500 people has been confirmed. Many cities have completely collapsed. india is also situated in the collision zone of tectonic plates like Turkey. Here also there is movement in the earth, due to which all the small and big earthquakes keep on shaking some or the other part daily. 

According to media reports, in the year 2022 itself, there were more than 1,000 earthquakes in India. If we look at the statistics of last 125 years of earthquakes in the country, then on any day anywhere in the country there can be news of devastation due to earthquake. 59 percent of the country's area is included in the four zones with high probability of earthquake. Of these, 11 percent of the area is in the earthquake-prone Zone-5 ie the most probable area. Apart from this, 18% of indian land also comes in Zone-4, while 30% of the country comes in Zone-2 and Zone-3. It can be estimated from this that how much the danger of earthquake is in our country.

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