Following guidelines is vital while organizing procession...

The candidate or party organizing the procession will need to schedule the start location and time in advance. Which direction will it go in? When will it finish and where? The procession's schedule or route cannot be altered arbitrarily. Must abide by traffic laws. The procession must always travel on the right side of the road and must abide by all instructions given by the local police station. It is customary for two or more parties or candidates to confer beforehand if they plan to participate in a procession along the same route or a portion of it at about the same time.

Publications from the government treasury are not displayed.

Misusing government media and placing government treasury advertisements in newspapers and other media outlets should be strictly prohibited during the code of conduct. The government media is not allowed to provide election-related news in a biased manner or to highlight the accomplishments of the ruling party, as this could give them an electoral advantage. Any advertisements that are currently running must be stopped.

Not allowed to spend public funds

The government treasury cannot be used by ministers or other authorities to fund or approve any program. No minister or official, except those employed by the government, is authorized to lay the cornerstone of a new project or program. Furthermore, no appointments, either temporary or permanent, may be made by the government. The election commission must provide its approval before the government may take any action in the event of an unexpected natural disaster or disease.

Rights of Candidates on Public Property

Party leaders at the state and federal levels are prohibited from using their official positions for political campaigns. Ministers specifically promise not to combine official trips with election campaign work and to abstain from using government resources or personnel while running for office. The gathering area and helipad will only be off-limits to the ruling party during the election campaign. The same terms and conditions that apply to the ruling party's usage of these services will also apply to other parties and candidates.

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