Sonam Wangchuk Fast in the open sky...

In Ladakh, the nighttime low is consistently below freezing. The lowest recorded temperature is between minus 10 and minus 12 degrees Celsius. Two thousand people are fasting for the climate with Sonam Wangchuk, according to a video that she posted on social media on march 23. In addition, individuals are participating in the fast in various regions of Ladakh. Since march 6, hundreds of Ladakh residents have been fasting outside in below-freezing temperatures at a height of 3,500 meters above sea level. In this case, fasting is not simple.

Along with Leh, movement in Kargil picks up speed.

There are currently two districts in Ladakh: Kargil and Leh. The demands-related protests that originated in Leh have extended to Kargil as well. On march 20, a half-day bandh was called in Kargil city. Hundreds of locals turned out to support Sonam Wangchuk in this instance. The Kargil Democratic Alliance called for this bandh. In Kargil, there is a political-religious organization called KDA.

Why is the bjp retracting its assertion?

The movement is progressively taking over Ladakh. It's not as though Ladakh's populace has suddenly taken to unrest and protest. The Union Territory of Ladakh was constituted independently of Jammu and Kashmir, and the bharatiya janata party had committed to incorporate it in the Sixth Schedule of the Constitution. If the bjp made a commitment, then the Modi government did as well. Ladakh would be included in the Constitution's sixth list, as the bjp had pledged in its manifesto even before the most recent lok sabha elections. Following that, the bjp added this pledge to its platform for the october 2020 elections for the Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council in Leh.

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