In addition to creating some trending comedians for Tollywood, one of the most popular tv shows, jabardasth, has also consistently captivated audiences with certain 'couple' combinations. Many people are confused about whether certain couples in the show are actually a pair in real life or just acting that way.

Such couples are Sudheer and rashmi and varsha and Immanuel, who attracted a lot of attention from the public with their sensual on-screen antics. Another well-liked participant from the programme, Rocking Rakesh, and news reader Jordar Sujatha, who went on to become an actress after her bigg boss stunt, are joining this romantic gang. Unfortunately, it has frequently shown out that these couples are merely playing roles for the camera and have no real chemistry.

Rakesh and Sujatha, unlike the others, lately also got engaged, however many fans of this show believed that this was just another publicity trick by the show's producers. Nonetheless, on friday in Tirupathi, the two were wed in accordance with Hindu marital rituals. As a result, they are the first jabardasth pair to date in real life as well as on screen and we wish them a fairy tale.

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