NTR's 30th movie will have janhvi kapoor as the lead actress, and she is thrilled to start filming and collaborating with her favourite actor. She was picky about her remuneration, and she requested Rs 5 crore for this pan-Indian initiative, so it was difficult to persuade her. In the film directed by Shankar, kiara advani plays the female protagonist opposite ram charan and was compensated with Rs 4 crore + Tax, although janhvi kapoor received more.

Producers must expend a minimum of Rs 5 crore to obtain key bollywood actresses; this amount has now become the benchmark for top heroines. bollywood actresses demand between Rs 5 and Rs 10 crore, whereas tollywood actresses normally earn between Rs 1 and Rs 3 crore. For "Project K," deepika padukone will receive more than Rs 10 crore.

The movie will start shooting before march 29 for an official release. Our sources claim that the creators learned that there won't be any lucky muhurthams for a while after march 29. The producer therefore plans to release the movie as soon as ntr gets back from America. Before march 29, the normal shoot will also start.

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