Manchu vishnu and Manoj, the sons of Mohan Babu, are said to have physically fought. Manoj accused his brother vishnu of acting inappropriately around his family, thus it appears that things are not going well in the Manchu household. He posted a video about the altercation on his social media account before deleting it. However, the video is becoming very popular online.

On his Instagram, Manchu Manoj posted a video of his half-brother vishnu coming into the house and physically attacking his family members. vishnu allegedly attacked his close buddy Sarath, according to sources. In a video that has gone viral online, vishnu is seen beating two guys and attempting to break into their home while they try to stop him. Manoj is heard saying, "This is how one behaves and beats up people by coming home," in the video.

Vishnu did not attend the wedding rites when Manoj recently wed Bhuma Mounika. vishnu allegedly objected to Manoj's marriage to mounika and simply showed up as a guest with his family before leaving. For those who don't know, Manchu Manoj and Bhuma mounika Reddy wed on march 3 in a private ceremony just for them. It is Manchu Manoj and mounika Reddy's second wedding.

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