Shaakuntalam, samantha Ruth Prabhu's forthcoming movie, is getting ready for its big premiere. The debut of Allu Arjun's daughter Arha is just one of several factors that make this movie the most talked-about. The 6-year-old star child is ready to make her acting debut as prince Bharata. Now, samantha, who collaborated closely with the child throughout the movie, referred to her as a "born superstar."

Samantha Ruth Prabhu discussed Allu Arha's first day of shooting as prince Bharta in an interview with tv 9. She remarked, "On the first day of the shoot for Allu Arha, there are hundreds of young artists on the Palace set. She gave a lengthy chat in front of everyone without showing any nervousness; her telugu is so flawless; she is a natural celebrity.

The fourth generation of the Allu family to engage in the telugu film industry is Allu Arha. allu arjun is a happy father who is ecstatic about his daughter's debut. He discussed his daughter Arha's acting debut in detail. "Until I see her on the television, I'm not sure how to respond. Although I've seen the rushes on the monitor, I won't know how I feel until I see the entire movie with the soundtrack, dubbing, and other things. But right now, seeing your child on the tv is undoubtedly adorable.

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