It was anticipated that the forthcoming updates would be of higher standards and quality after all the criticism that surfaced following the release of the Adipurush teaser last year. Fans have been anticipating the Sri Rama Navami news for the past few weeks. Even among fans, the update has drawn harsh criticism despite being published as planned.

To commemorate Sri Rama Navami, a billboard was unveiled, but it has left everyone in utter dismay and has caused a major shock. The Adipurush team's supporters and audience, who had been hoping to see improved quality from them, have once again been let down, and the poster resembles older ones. The poster appears to be of very low quality, and Prabhas' appearance, as well as that of sunny singh and kriti sanon as Sita, is genuinely lacking.

It is perplexing and difficult to comprehend why the team keeps issuing these types of posters. They ought to have created some fresh, higher-quality banners. The creators now have to come up with some carefully thought-out promotional material to generate the necessary buzz for the movie and also affirm the release date with a new poster or video. The film has already received a lot of criticism for its subpar VFX work. Om Raut and his team invest a lot of time in post-production in an effort to produce better visuals, and as a result, the budget has grown significantly.

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