Although kajal aggarwal appeared in a number of hindi movies, her work in tamil and telugu movies was primarily responsible for her success. She made some provocative remarks about hindi film. At a recent event, Kajal claimed that the South Asian film business is "very accepting" and "friendly," which is why she prefers the environment it offers in terms of their discipline, values, and ethics, which she feels hindi cinema lacks.

"There are a lot of people who want to start their career in hindi because it is a more widely recognised language," Kajal said at the Rising india Summit 2023. Having said that, the south is a very welcoming and accepting region for the film industry. telugu, tamil, Malayalam, and kannada all produce phenomenal material, and there are wonderful filmmakers and technicians there.

"And of course, hindi has been our native tongue," she continued. We watched hindi flicks as children. It has been very tolerant and welcoming of me as well. However, I favour the southern industry's ecosystem, ethics, values, and discipline, which I believe hindi film lacks. As soon as her breasts were squeezed in the tamil film "Paris Paris," bollywood viewers snapped pictures and claimed they were from the South.

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