Dasara, starring Nani, is wrecking mayhem at the box office. On its opening day, the movie broke numerous marks for a medium-budget tier-2 hero movie, not just in telugu states but also in the US. The word-of-mouth from the general population is also favorable, so the movie will have a strong run for the following two to three weeks. The 7th of april marks the release of ravi Teja's film, Ravanasura. 

The movie is an action-thriller that varma -Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>sudheer varma produced. The audience responded favourably to the film's recently unveiled trailer. With Dhamaka and Waltair Veerayya, ravi teja is having a lot of success. As a result, the market anticipates that Ravanasura will maintain his successful box office run. Many times, when a movie is having a phenomenal run at the box office, the following movies get swept away in that wave.

Thus, Ravanasura might be deterred by Dasara's successful performance. In its second week, dasara will continue to play in a lot of theatres and attract sizable crowds. For Ravanasura to ride out the dasara wave, it must be a truly remarkable movie. However, ravi Teja's popularity at the box office ought to guarantee solid attendance. With dasara, the summer season got off to a good start. Let's hope Ravanasura keeps it going.


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