A villain was given poison by his own family.!?

No one knows when you say Ponnambalam. If you say kabali, you will know. He will threaten everyone in the character of kabali in Walter Vetrivel. He acted as a rogue villain in the films of actors including Rajini, Kamal, Vijayakanth, and Sarathkumar who were playing a top heroes in the 90s. After that, he also acted in comedy roles in recent films. ponnambalam attended the bigg boss show hosted by Kamal. At the age of 26, he earned 7 cars and 3 houses, but lost all his money and lives in a rented house. The video of him being admitted to the hospital recently went viral on social media.After this, he asked many people for help. Film celebrities like Sarathkumar, Kamal, Chiranjeevi, KS Ravikumar, and many others extended their helping hand to him. Following this, Ponnambalam's own sister's son donated his kidney and helped with his kidney transplant. Now his health is gradually improving. Also, there were various rumors that drinking was the cause of Ponnambalam's kidney problem. Responding to this, ponnambalam has given much shocking information. His kidneys were not affected by alcoholism and drug use. His father had 4 wives. His own brother, the son of the 3rd wife, worked for him as a manager for some time.
He trusted him a lot. But at one point it was revealed that he didn't like his growth and mixed a slow poison in his food. He was not able to see his growth during the period when he was playing a rogue villain in the cinema. Because of this, he poisoned the food he was eating out of jealousy. He also said that the doctor said that was the cause of his kidney damage. He has also said that he has lost all his property and is now begging in a rented house due to his brother's abuse in many ways including witchcraft.

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