Is there any producer out there who wouldn't be proud to get a call from a famous hero asking them to direct a movie? No, but in Tollywood, even if a specific hero calls, the producers do not answer favourably. The hero does have some support, therefore this does not indicate that he is unimportant or without it. The problem is that none of the major banners in the field want to collaborate with this hero.

Why are all the banners, from those making films with tiny heroes to those with middle-range and well-known heroes, avoiding one specific hero? A senior hero banner had previously showed interest in producing a movie with this hero, but for some reason it never happened. Making a movie with this hero would not be difficult if all the major studios banded together. He can find a market. So what exactly is the issue? If you ask these questions, the response is always the same and blames someone.

The hero should be aware of this situation, it is expected. Why he is not attempting to contain the damage, despite being aware that his career is in jeopardy because of a specific person, is a major mystery.

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