The eagerly awaited trailer for mahesh babu and Trivikram's SSMB28 has arrived, along with an update on the film's title. The majority of the action scenes in the video centre on mahesh babu, who plays the lead role, and they provide fans with nonstop enjoyment. It confirms that the movie's title is guntur Kaaram. The action scenes are a joy for general viewers and they successfully tick this box.

When the movie is released, mahesh babu will employ authentic rayalaseema terminology when he says, "Enti beedi 3D lo kanpadthanda," which is sure to light up the neighborhood's firecrackers. mahesh babu has spent a long time in this tight zone of being the ideal Raymonds messenger. Seeing him in that state for such a long time is boring fans to tears. He was brought out and given vitality by Parasuram, but he failed miserably. Even the body language was off, let alone the group conversations that unintentionally became humorous.

On that aspect, trivikram was first questioned as well. But with this Glimpse, the talented director succeeded. Mahesh's body language exhibits a great deal of relaxation that his admirers have been missing for a while, in addition to the enthusiasm of a mass hero. Fans are getting a complete meal right now, and anything that happens after this will simply heighten the anticipation. According to recent indications, guntur Kaaram is the ideal mass movie for Sankranthi. We might have a winner if we combine that with the family themes that are a trivikram trademark.

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