RGV's Next movie Andhra politics - Tension in AP..?

Ram Gopal varma, a filmmaker, has begun filming a movie about andhra pradesh politics. Dasari kiran is the producer of the movie with the working titles "Vyuham" (Strategy) and "Sapatham" (Oath) under the Ramadhoota Creations label.

The performers and characters from the film were also presented by Varma. Young actor Ajmal is currently portraying YSRCP leader and andhra pradesh chief minister jagan mohan reddy-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>ys jagan mohan reddy, while actress manasa will play Jagan's wife YS Bharathi Reddy. The movie's subtitle read "A war between Ego and Thought".

He has already stated that he will direct a film about andhra pradesh politics. In order to deliver victory on a silver platter to the governing YSRCP in the next elections, varma has reportedly begun filming the movie.

Previously, Ajmal played jagan Reddy in the film "Amma Rajyamlo kadapa Biddalu." The RGV-directed film and another film, "Lakshmi's NTR," were both released in theatres at the same time as the state's most recent elections.

According to varma, the next film is not a biopic but rather a realistic depiction of the political climate in Andhra Pradesh. The conclusion of the film and its impact on approaching elections have been eagerly anticipated by political pundits and everyday citizens in the state.

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