At Jaipur's Leela Palace, the wedding celebrations for sharwanand are being held in a magnificent manner. The wedding celebrations will go on for two whole days. Both politicians and movie stars will be present at the wedding. ram Charan, a well-known actor and childhood friend of sharwanand, was spotted at Sharwanand's wedding celebration this evening.

The Haldi video, in which Sharwa gets completely covered in Haldi water and is seen applying some Haldi on everyone's face, is already highly popular. A portion of the Sangeeth video, which also took place in the evening, went viral. sharwanand may be seen jiving to the song "Poonakalu loading." On june 3, the wedding will really take place once the rites start later than midnight.

On june 3, telugu actor sharwanand and his fiancée rakshita Reddy want to get married. Additionally, their pre-wedding activities got underway on Friday, june 2. In a lavish ceremony in front of family and friends, the pair will say their vows in Jaipur. The Haldi and Sangeet ceremony served as the official commencement of the pre-wedding events. In a viral video on social media, sharwanand is seen applying haldi on his family members while wearing a white kurta pyjama and being smeared in the paste. Additionally, the actor was shoved into the pool. ram Charan also went to Sharwanand's Sangeet celebration.

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