Everyone is well aware that the international premiere of Om Raut's Adipurush, the most anticipated film of prabhas, is barely 8 days away. There are extremely high expectations for the film, whether they come from prabhas fans, an impartial public, or even business circles. Therefore, it is only logical that the movie's theatre rights are receiving a lot of bids. However, the movie's telugu States box office performance unexpectedly decreased.

People media Factory has acquired the telugu state rights to Adipurush for 170 Crores. The main distributors, however, backed off when they saw these pricing, which put the buyer at great danger and prevented the internal business from proceeding as envisaged for higher prices. With a deficit of more than 50 Crores, the telugu States' buyer of Adipurush is currently in grave danger.

Mythri Movies has acquired the Nizam rights to Adipurush for 50 Crores NRA. business in the Andhra [6 Territories] region has been completed for 50 crores NRA. Closed at 17.5 crores NRA are the ceded rights. The movie was purchased for a total of 170 Crores. As NRA's firm now generates 117.5 crores, the buyer is at risk for 52.5 crores.

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