Are there any actresses in the telugu film industry who receive the highest remuneration after heroines in general? That means it's just tv anchors as well as heroines starring in serials. Some of them, however, receive the same reward as the silver screen heroines. Now let's read and find out who is getting how much remuneration.


Not only does it mesmerize the television audience with its anchoring but it also impresses the cine celebrities. Not only that, she is the number one anchor in the telugu television industry and is also working for various channels reality shows. audio functions are also present. suma attended the audio function which means charging two to three lakhs per function. industry sources say the award function will go beyond that.


If anasuya is called an anchor on television, she can be called a leading actress in the film industry. Because she is an anchor on tv and impresses everyone by acting in her own style in movies. She also takes two lakh rupees for an event.

Anchor Rashmi:

rashmi is best known as an anchor through the Zabardast comedy show. She is also an anchor on the dance Dhee program. rashmi also earns up to Rs 1 lakh per episode.

Premi Vishwanath:

Until yesterday, she did not even know who she was. However, now that his craze has increased, he is reportedly taking Rs 50,000 a day recently.

Along with them, anchor srimukhi is taking lakhs of rupees for each event. It is learned that Manjusha is charging Rs 50,000 and Shyamala reddy Rs 50,000 for each event.

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