Virat kohli opens a restaurant in kishore Kumar's bungalow, a glimpse through video Recently, indian cricketer virat kohli has given a glimpse of the restaurant opened at the bungalow of legendary late singer-actor kishore Kumar. 

Indian cricketer virat kohli needs no introduction. The right-handed batsman, popularly known as 'King Kohli', is not only devoted to his game but also has a flair for business. He has rented the bungalow of the great late singer-actor kishore kumar to open a restaurant. Recently, the cricketer also got a virtual tour of his new restaurant.

Apart from his involvement in the cricketing world, virat kohli also owns a series of retro bars, 'One 8 Commune'. The cricketer has rented out a portion of late singer-actor kishore Kumar's Juhu bungalow 'Gauri Kunj' in mumbai to open his next restaurant. He has also changed the instagram bio of 'One 8 Commune' amid reports of him starting a new outlet for his restaurant business. Which is something like, "Juhu, mumbai #ComingSoon."

Now, virat kohli has finally given his fans a glimpse of his 'One8 Commune'. In a YouTube video shared on the official channel of 'One8 Commune', we can see famous tv host Maniesh Paul standing outside 'Gauri Kunj', the bungalow of legendary singer kishore Kumar. Then he goes inside and we get to see the inside view of the bungalow, which is very fresh and uniquely built. manish also congratulates Virat for this. After this, Virat also takes manish on a tour of his restaurant.

When manish asks Virat why he chose kishore Kumar's old bungalow? Talking about this, he says that he has always been influenced by kishore Kumar. Well, needless to say, Virat has given a fresh look to this place. This restaurant of his has been decorated very beautifully. The light, atmosphere, and decorations here are relaxing. It is very beautiful to look at.

In part one of the video, virat kohli and Maniesh Paul can also be seen with some tasty dishes. Meanwhile, Virat recalled his worst dining experience during a recent trip to paris with his wife Anushka Sharma, and their daughter Vamika and revealed that they didn't have much to eat. “If I am associated with a project, I need to invest. The quality of the food here 'speaks for itself. On our recent trip to paris, I had the worst food experience. What was like a nightmare for vegetarians, they didn't have many options."

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